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Unlock your data potential

Increasing Profitability and Productivity through effective Data Management

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Increasing Profitability and Productivity through effective Data Management

Our approach focuses around three pillars:


The key. Ensuring you have high quality, accurate data.


Collaborating tribal knowledge to understand the context around the data and the role it is playing.


Helping you present and communicate your data to stakeholders to enable well-informed decisions.

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2016-04-19 Data Darryl Wolfaardt

Customer Relationship Management, if only it was as easy as it sounds. The software promised to do it for us… but alas, it turns out we actually have to put in some effort. So we get behind it… but something still seems to be missing. This sounds like the start of a Charles Dickens novel…Read More

2016-01-12 Knowledge Darryl Wolfaardt

With the dawn of machine learning and artificial intelligence we’ve mainly been focused on the discussion the technological possibilities and how it can assist organizations with our decision making. Historically this has always been the case with disruptive technology. We saw a similar trends with the motor car, the computer, industrial robotics. Only much later…Read More

2015-12-29 Business Intelligence Darryl Wolfaardt

  This is an interesting article and it confirms what we at Mettle firmly believe in, that it is important for organizations to understand the foundations. The root to understanding how these functions can assist your business information needs is in getting a basic understanding about what the different fields mean: The Simplification of BI…Read More